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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A new MacBook

Rumors are wrong! Apple didn't release a new low-end version of the PowerBook. Instead it rebranded it and called the line MacBook. The new thing is sporting the new Intel dual-core Yonah processor.

The iMac has also been shifted to the new architecture

Also, there's this new application called iDVD shipping with iLife. iPhoto was also improved.

Details of new stuff here:

For those waiting for a new iBook. Sorry to disappoint you but there isn't any...

Now I can go back to sleep...I was half-awake 'til this time. Well, I guess I still have to eye for that iBook huh? hehehe :-P

Ah, no! The previous version of the PowerBook along that spec would probably get cheaper! Let's just wait and see :-)


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