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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

LemonSMS - Open Source SMS Java Library

Finally LemonSMS is in Java.net!

2 years ago I created an open-source SMS Java library. It's now hosted in the Java.net project
website at http://lemonsms.dev.java.net/

I am still developing the main project website. Here's the link http://lemonsms.lemongreen.biz

I just found time to transfer the sources from Sourceforge. For those
interested, you can download the source of the library and use it in
your projects. I want to get feedback and see how I can improve it. I
invite everybody to join the mailing lists and discussions.

In Java.net, you can request an observer role so you get updated with
what's new in the project. If you also want to help with the
documentation, it would be great. Just send me a private email.

A brief description of the library

LemonSMS is a Java library that enables developers to integrate their web or standalone applications to send and receive SMS messages. It works with a GSM modem, compatible phone or an SMS appliance. The LemonSMS API is easy to use. It leverages Sun's Java Communications API for Windows applications and RXTX for Linux implementations.

It is stable enough and has commercial implementations developed by Lemongreen Inc. for its out-of-the-box SMS appliance solution

Enjoy! Happy hacking ;-)


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