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Sunday, December 11, 2005

My new toy - the iPod Video

This is my new baby. Makes life here less boring. The bus ride to work is more enjoyable now.

The packaging of Apple is very neat. Maybe that's why it's that pricey. haha! The box design is cool. The size is just right. However, opening it is somewhat confusing at first.

As of this date, I've watched 1 smallville episode, one full movie, and listened to a bunch of songs. Just started to watch Star Wars Empire strikes back. Sound quality is awesome! Apple did a great job. Imagine now you can watch your favorite movie with surround sound. I didn't even get external speakers. Just used the earphones that came with it. The bass and clarity is unbelievable.

The iPod video is also handy for transferring files from PC to PC because it could be used as an external HDD as well. Pretty handy if you need some external backup storage.

Some downsides though. The screen is easily scratched so better get a protector for it. I got one this weekend at Funan. Another thing, it does not come with a power adaptor that you can easily plug into a power outlet. This would be pretty handy if you don't have your laptop around. And, it doesn't have a comprehensive manual. What if I didn't have Internet to download the guides. Apple assumed that users would be tech-savvy and would know what to do. Nevertheless, I still consider it as a must-have gadget for music and movie buffs.

Anyway, I really got my money's worth here. I just can't wait to get his big brother. soon...maybe sometime next year.


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